Saturday, March 03, 2007

My theory on life

This is from my old Orkut 'About Me'.

Life ... is like the scene from the movie 'Swordfish' where Hugh Jackman has to hack into the NSA in 60 seconds while getting a b*** j** from a hot blonde and with a gun pointed to his head. Sometimes in life you're Hugh Jackman, getting it but certainly not savoring the moment. Sometimes you're the blonde giving it - just doing what you gotta do (but which is really demeaning) and yet thinking, "I'm going to tell ALL my friends that I gave Hugh Jackman a blow job!". Sometimes you're the guy with the gun thinking, "Man, that could've been me on the hot seat." because he knows no matter what happens, Hugh Jackman's not going to get his brains blown out. Somtimes you're the computer, which if it had a mind of its own, would be thinking, "Damn Hugh Jackman! I do all the grunt work here and what do I get? USB cables shoved inside me!!!" And finally, sometimes you're the guy in the theater eating popcorn going, "I paid $10 to watch this crap??!!!!"